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Mobile Scout Pro- The Ultimate Player Statistics App

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Mobile Scout Pro- The Ultimate Player Statistics App

Mobile Scout Pro
The exciting game of football has evolved over the years, and the things we can do to enjoy has gotten much better and easier. We can now watch live football games, read match reports and post-match reactions on our smart phones. But sometimes we want to know more, we want to know the key numbers about the match and players.
Whether you are a scout, a coach, a soccer blogger like me or a passionate football fan, you desperately want to know the statistics about a player’s performance. And here are two main reasons why,

– First, having knowledge of the key statistics cab help us rate a player’s performance without bias. You get to know the key numbers, beyond what you see on the pitch.

– Another reason is you also get to win arguments concerning a player’s performance. Scouts can also find the right players to choose and much more.

But how do we get all these information in the most easy and comfortable way? Mobile Scout Pro!

What is Mobile Scout Pro?

Mobile Scout Pro is a application for football coaches, scouts, bloggers, journalists, and passionate football fans used to find out how an individual player’s performances in a match. This app gives you the key statistics about any player after a match directly to your smartphone.
Basically, you collect these stats via the virtual controller layout, which has been designed to mimic the controllers real scouts use when watching matches.

Special features of Mobile Scout Pro

Mobile Scout Pro

1. Detailed performance reports: After a session you can easily view a comprehensible performance report about a player. You’ll clearly understand where player excelled in, and where he needs to improve on.

Mobile Scout Pro
2. Beautiful graphic design: Mobile Scout Pro features, very beautiful, colorful designs that make the application fun to use.

3. Sharing is easy: Everybody loves to share vital information. You can effortlessly share your report on Twitter, Messenger, Facebook and via email.

Very soon Mobile Scout Pro will be able to compare statistics between two players, I advise you get it now and start gaining insight into the performances of your favorite players, and who knows, you could be the one to find the next big football talent?

Download MOBILE SCOUT PRO via Google Play Store.

To Use Mobile Scout Pro, you’ll need to pay £0.99, but here are about 20 free promo codes you can use to download it for free (codes can only be used once).


Please download this interesting application and let me know what you think.

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